Finfish and Shellfish Products

Finfish and Shellfish ProductsIn order to understand how to plan a well-balanced diet, it is crucial to have access to scientifically sound knowledge concerning nutrition facts, especially food labels. is a unique website that provides clinically accurate nutritional information regarding a variety of food groups. Each and every food item listed on this site is accompanied with detailed nutrition information to allow visitors gain the necessary knowledge to follow a healthy lifestyle by making informed decisions concerning their food choices.

“Finfish and Shellfish Products” are naturally low in carbohydrates, high in vitamin D and good sources of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron. They are also good sources of protein and essential fatty acids. Research has indicated that including foods from this food group can lead to increased longevity, decreased risk for cardiovascular health disorders, low incidences of type 2 diabetes and a decreased risk for inflammation within the body. Foods belonging to “Finfish and Shellfish Products” are naturally low in saturated fats, thus making them an excellent choice when planning diets for individuals on fat restricted meal plans.

Additionally, since foods within this food group are a natural source of good quality and high biological value protein, for individuals trying to increase lean body mass, acquiring sufficient proteins in their daily diet is essential. “Finfish and Shellfish Products” can help consumers achieve their high protein goals minus the health risk factors that accompany commercially prepared protein supplements and powders. Certain food products within this category are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to help with reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol and increasing good (HDL) cholesterol. Additionally, these essential fatty acids also prevent diabetes, arthritis and hypertension. With the help of nutritional information provided by, it is easy to plan well-balanced and healthy meals for any age group.