Baby Foods

Baby is a website that educates and empowers members to take charge of their health and diet by gaining scientifically accurate information pertaining to their food choices. One of the many nutritionally sound food groups listed is “Baby Foods”. Food is medicine, therefore, it is essential that “Baby Foods” are not only easy to digest, safe for consumption, but also, nutritious.

Babies triple their body weights and length within the first year of birth. They require essential nutrients to support brain and vision development. Essential nutrients are ones that must be obtained from the diet and are required to sustain neurological, cognitive, social, physical, and emotional functions. Two such nutrients that are found in abundance in “baby foods” listed on are ARA and DHA. This formula is one of many foods found consisting of nutrients such as iron, vitamins D2 and D3, E, and A. “Baby foods” containing it are nutritionally charged with essential fatty acids required for brain development of a growing infant. Individuals with essential nutrient deficiencies are more at risk for developing chronic diseases during their lifetime. “Baby Food” group contains several choices rich in essential nutrients to prevent such deficiencies in growing babies.

Baby Food” group can assist parents in making nutritionally sound choices because of the vast scientific information reported for each and every food in this group. Choices within the “Baby Food” group are safe and easy to digest for the new and still developing tummies. Parents can find solace in the fact that foods on this website are not only nutritious but also safe for consumption. With almost 400 choices, allows its members to effortlessly plan healthy meals for their babies.